BSEH Pre-Board-1 Physics XII

Pre-Board 2

Acids, Bases and Salts Winter Holidays Work Chemistry 10th Class

Winter Holidays Work Chemistry Acids, Bases and Salts

XI Physics Winter Holidays Work Part 1

Hydrodynamics   Q1. Define following [i] Stream Line            [ii] Stream tube                       [iii] Steady Flow [iv] Turbulent flow      [v] Incompressible Flow         [vi] Irrotational Flow Q2. What is equation of continuity? Q3. A hole of area 1mm2 opens in the pipe near the lower end of large water storage tank, andRead More

Forces and Laws of motion IX Class Physics

Numerical Forces and Laws of motion 1. How much force is needed to accelerate a trolley of mass 20g through 1 m/s2. 2. A force of 100N acts on a mass of 25 kg for 5 s .What velocity does it generate? 3. A bullet leaves a rifle with a velocity of 100m/sRead More

Heredity & Evolution 10th Class

  Ch – Heredity & evolution              CLASS- X, Subject – Biology Q.1) What is genetic drift?                                                                                                               (1) Q.2) Why did Mendel’s select garden pea plant for his experiment on heredity? Write two reasons.    (1) Q.3) Name an organism in which sex determination is regulated by environmentally factors?Read More

Physics XII 1-4 Unit Pre Board 002

Physics XII 1st Pre-Board 2014-15   Define Tesla. In what other way can it be written? Why is ferro-magnetism not found in liquid and gases? Obtain the dimensional formula of and? Explain the significance of Kirchhoff’s law? Find the relation between the drift velocity and current? Why do we preferRead More

Physics Assignment XI

Q.1 Are frictional forces conservative forces? 1M Q.2 What are fundamental unit? 1M Q.3 what is Physics? 1M Q.4 What does BARC means? 1M Q.5  who discovered Neutron? 1M Q.6  Name any Indian scientist who was awarded Noble Prize? 1M Q.7  Does gravitational Forces obey Inverse Square law? 1M. Q.8 Read More

IX Assignment Physics

Dear Students please solve the assignment as linked here for Motion

XI Physics Assignment

XI Assignment Define triangle law of Vector addition? Find out the Magnitude and Direction of resultant of two vectors P and Q. Define vector and scalar product of two vectors? Define relative velocity? What do you understand by resolution of vectors? Write down the rectangular components of a vector. DefineRead More

Board Examination Preparation

Dear Impression Institute Students of 12th class please practice the question paper as given in link Practice Test. these question are very useful for your final examination which are expected to be held in first week of march. Regards Co-ordinator’s Desk